SQL Pass Nordic 2011 – Day One

Yikes, found out yesterday that Microsoft Pass split me and my two colleagues up by placing us on different hotels even though I booked the whole event together for all of us.

Started off with a session with Tibor Karazi with a bunch of SQL Management studio GUI stuff. Most of the stuff was probably know already by the DBA’s present there. I enjoyed the quick look at previous versions of SQL Management Studio / Enterprise Manager.

After Tibor I went to see Kevin Klines session about stuff that would help me as a DBA. Although his Star Wars jokes didn’t land that well among the crowd  (What’s wrong with you people ;-)  ?)  the other stuff he talked about was quite interesting.

The session after Kevin was mostly a one hour boasting about HP’s new Consolidation Appliance for virtual SQL Server. So I probably should have spent my hour in one of the other session rooms.

Continued with two danish guys talking about Distributed Replay – a way in Denali to mimic real life load on a production copy, and also simulate a higher load.

Ended the day with T-SQL Bad habits to Kick with Aaron Bertrand. A lot of useful reminders on don’ts in the SQL world. Of course, most of them already known by your average DBA but very useful to hear repeated to help you to not forget.

Best today – Kevin

Worst today – Where is my hotel???

Number of SQL Guru autographs so far – 0     ;-)


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