VMWare VCenter data


VMWare VCenter platform is a goldmine of useful data if you want to know whats going on with your virtual servers.

Statistical data is stored in an SQL Server database and you can either query views or the tables directly.
You get views for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly statics of your physical and virtual machines and you are able to query cpu, disk and a lot of other measurements.


We have a couple of TV screens in our office so I created a Perl script that grabs real time data from this database and displays it.

You now get an overview on which server is doing what and how much CPU, DISK IO, Network traffic it generates without having to open up VCenter and connect to each and every host.

The solution is built using Perl with GD::Graph, a free module for creating graphs.

If you are a DBA or an administrator, I highly recommend having a look at the VCenter database. Some more information about the various tables can be found here:


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