I use WordPress for this blog

I first tried WordPress for blogging a couple of years ago and liked it so much that I currently run all my blogs on WordPress. I like it so much I even run my friends blogs on WordPress!

This blog is a setup of the Open Source version of WordPress that you can install on your own server. Mine is a virtual linux server.

I modified the original design template that came with to better suit the style of Verity.
The design was developed by Neobrand.

The only plugin i run is Twitter Tools by Crowd Favorite to be able to show my Tweets on the front page.

Upgrading is a walk in the park. Since I run it on Linux I’ve created a shell script that downloads the latest version, backups databases & files and finally upgrades everything for me. And it does this for all my blogs.

I highly recommend WordPress if you want to start blogging!

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